Irene Having Some Power Struggles

Irene was forecasted to become a Category 4 storm about this time between interacting with the Bahamas and the East Coast of the US. Instead some disorganization dropped Irene from a Cat 3 storm to Cat 2. Either way, Irene is a huge hurricane. This scale isn’t really noticed until you put it next to the states and see just how many states Irene could swallow up.

I’m a sucker for high res satellite imagery, so I shall share this good shot:

Hurricane Irene tracks off the coast of Florida and other east coast states. (CIMSS)

One thing to look at in satellite imagery, is located near the center of the storm. While Irene lacks a defined eye in this image, notice all of the convection in the center (almost a bubbling feature). These ‘overshooting tops’ prove that the storm is still strong and may be going through a eye regrowth process. This detail can be made out on regular thunderstorms as well when you see an anvil cloud flatten out with more cloud above it, an overshooting top.

Looking at satellite images last night it looked like Irene was going to plow right into Georgia and South Carolina, and I’m sure residents there were on their toes as well. However this morning a northward path is continuing and all eyes are on the coast of North Carolina and further up the coast.

At this point moderate strengthening is expected. Winds on impact of North Carolina are expected to be around 100mph.

Latest track as of noon:

Hurricane Irene path from NHC.


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