Strong Trough Saves the Day

The large mass of hot and humid air has successfully been replaced by cooler drier air. This was thanks to a large trough/cold front coming down from Canada. This powerful trough may also spare the East Coast from a violent Hurricane Katia in the Atlantic.

Hurricane Katia (Category 2) develops a large eye in the Atlantic.

To give it another achievement, this trough is cleansing the South of Tropical Storm Lee in the Gulf. Remnants of Lee may become a cut-off low along the Appalachian Mtns mid-week.

Large area of high pressure over the upper Midwest pushes Lee out of the Gulf and removes much of the sticky air we experienced late last week.

Thunderstorms were rolling through central Michigan Saturday morning. Cloud to ground lightning was the most frequent I had seen it all summer. At one point the most recent 5 strikes were very close and delivered that almost instantaneous crack of thunder.  These storms rolled through and the associated Severe Thunderstorm Watch was lifted. Later that afternoon, a new watch was positioned for southern Michigan as storms began firing. These storms eventually cancelled many college football games because of their consistent paths and torrential rains.

This recent cold spell reminds us that Fall is not too far off! While most of September remains, we will see these fluctuations often. Most likely Friday and Saturday were our last boiling hot days of the year, and things will start to moderate. Northern Michigan has some Frost Advisories out for the cool overnight temps, but I think most of Michigan will be sparred of frost until later this season.

Lows will get into the mid 40s at least early this week before climbing into the 50s. High wise, temps will climb from the low 60s to mid 70s this week. By the weekend we may see an 80, but ehhhhh. High pressure will be dominant, and therefore clear weather is expected.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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