Mid-Week Fall Brew

Wanted to headline this as a ‘Storm’ instead of brew, brew just sounded so descriptive of the conditions expected.

A combination of cold temps and a soaking rain will make Wednesday a very sloppy day. As the low pressure system tracks out of the Plains, it will intensify and pass to our south before turning up the east coast. First storm of the year that I think resembles some winter storms that track through the area, minus the temperature difference.

The past weekend had a fairly consistent wind going on, it was a nice slow welcome to Fall. Come Wednesday it will rear an ugly face.

Deep storm located just west of New York. This will bring wet and blustery conditions across the Midwest as it tracks east.

Scattered showers will begin Tuesday night before the main mass of rain hits on Wednesday. The rain will continue through the day and become scattered Thursday. Temperatures will fall to the 40s with the passage of this system. The notorious 540mb line (in winter a good indicator of the rain-snow line) creeps down through Minnesota and Iowa. In the extreme upper Midwest, some flurries may accompany the rain.

Temps this weekend will make a slight rebound into the mid 50s, but lows will be edging the 30s nightly.

In other weatherful news, the Grand Rapids NWS Office will be getting a Dual Polarization Upgrade this winter. Dual Polarization, or Dual Pol is the next generation of radar being installed across the country. The main benefit of Dual Pol will be the ability to see and measure precipitation better from the radar by sending out both a horizontal and vertical ‘pulse’. A wealth of information about the Grand Rapids update can be found here.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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