Thanksgiving Marker

It doesn’t occur every year, but I can remember distinctly some years where Thanksgiving was quite white. This year, Thanksgiving looks dry and relatively warm compared to recent days. We may see a 60 degree reading late this week! But just like a playground swing, things will go the other way over the weekend.

A large storm is forecasted to cut into the Tennessee Valley this weekend/early next week. While this storm is still a week away, it will bring the chance for rain and snow in Michigan. What makes this storm unique is it’s structure once it arrives on the east coast. The low will cut itself off from the jet stream creating a huge trough cutting into the deep south. Freezing temps will follow. What may start out as a wet weekend could turn white if the temperatures drop accordingly. At least a brief changeover to snow is expected Sunday night.

The location where the low cuts is important to just how deep the freezing temps will be allowed to push. Mid day today the GFS had the low centered over Tennessee, however this evening it is located along the shoreline of Louisiana. So BIG change there. Other models should be examined to pin down a track as well as future model runs.

12z GFS model run. Red swirl on right of image is the storm in question. This vorticity model allows forecasters to easily spot troughs and ridges associated with typical weather patterns.

Model run later in the day. Storm is now 200 miles south along the Gulf of Mexico coastline.

Don’t want to get the hype machine going yet, but we will get a decent shot of cold air sometime next week! Be prepared! Oh…and have a great Thanksgiving!


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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