Another Round for SE Michigan?

First a little review of the last storm.

Later model runs were correct in depicting the storm movement a little east. This produced the heaviest snows generally east of a Kalamazoo to Mount Pleasant line.

Satellite image showing the swath of snow that accumulated Tues Night. Side note brought up by the NWS is seeing how temperatures over the snow covered region are cooler than the surrounding locations. This reading can be found by locating the number in the upper left of each station plot. (Should be in the 34-43 range)

Since we didn’t get snow in Mount Pleasant, it was a shocker to see cars caked with snow driving around. Thinking these either came from the south or east. It wasn’t central Michigan’s storm, but it was only the first of the season. Will get a neat satellite loop of the storm uploaded before the end of next week.

Another disturbance is forecasted to train across the country next week. Monday night we could see some light snow move in from the southwest and have just about the same storm movement as the previous system. That being said, central Michigan could see the lighter accumulations again while extreme SE Michigan could get a decent amount.

The NAM models shows greater moisture and a more west track for this to happen, but the GFS is a little dryer and would expect no more than a widespread light snow. The NAM has had a little sliding property the past few renderings, so its still trying to nail it down.

Before we get there, some rain will hit us for Saturday evening/Sunday. Thought I should highlight that since I am so overly excited about snows. Speaking of that, looks like WordPress has their winter theme going on with the snow effect.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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