GOES-15 and Rain

Weather station will be down for about a weeks time to do some maintenance.

Last week GOES-15 finally went into active duty. The next Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite is taking over for its predecessor, GOES-11, which has been in service since 2000. Upon hearing the switch was taking place, I went to the GOES Project Science site and checked out the video loop. Sure enough, the transition between GOES-11 and GOES-15 was visible. Downloaded the loop to be enjoyed later and its on my Youtube channel.

GOES-15 provides an updated sensor suite to observe weather patterns. In general the images produced are much higher resolution and clear. New functions on the satellite allow it to take one exposure or photo in shorter intervals to create stunning time lapse imagery of storm systems from above. Detailed write up from NOAA can be found here.

Half hour interval water vapor images from GOES-15. This water vapor assignment is usually given for 3 hour intervals. (CIMSS)

Just a side historical nugget from CIMSS:

“GOES-15 became GOES-West on the 45th anniversary of the launch ofATS-1 on 06 December 1966. ATS-1 was the first meteorological satellite to provide geostationary images — an example of an early ATS-1 visible image is seen below, and QuickTime movies are available which show animations of some of the early ATS-1 images.”

Mixed bag of precipitation can be expected across the mitten this week. Early week there is the possibility of freezing rain and precipitation for central and northern lower Michigan. Much of southern lower Michigan should see only rain as a low pressure system passes through the upper Midwest. Temps will be pretty warm compared to recent trends as we top out in the 40s, possibly 50 on Thursday.

By the weekend, temperatures will be back to normal as we hover around freezing.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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