Bland January Exit

Temperatures will remain above normal this week, keeping highs in the 30s.

Look for a slight possibility of rain/snow on Thursday as a system phases in the south. This will eventually be a rain maker in the northeast. Behind this system a deep trough digs and cuts off moisture for any possible systems following up. Common with deep troughs, we get a littleĀ chillier Sunday/Monday.

A moisture lacked clipper will cause little disturbance come this weekend. Light snow showers look to linger with added lake heat and associated processes.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

5 Responses to Bland January Exit

  1. Dad says:

    Not to exciting for weather experts, but really nice for people traveling and people paying the heating bill.
    Standing by, DAD

  2. Mrs. Forsch says:

    GREG! I found this on the Scouting website! (looking for a sample permission slip haha)….but I was going to seek you out with this question anyway.

    We have Science Olympiad Invitationals this weekend !!!! EEEKKKK and I am so worried about the weather and am getting no sleep. We’re in Middleville. Any good words for me? so used to the snowstorms/ice storms with Hudson and Clio.

    • gweatherc says:

      Sorry for the late reply Mrs. Forsch,

      It looks like you guys did get a little snow to make it seem like home! Sorry I didn’t get to this earlier. Hope you guys faired well, miss those days!

      • Mrs. Forsch says: was very worse than I expected, and I patiently waited for a reply from you!! haha but then I wouldn’t have gotten sleep.

        It took almost THREE hours to get to MIddleville…~ 2 hrs away…and the bus was was 9F out! snow wasn’t bad but roads were bad.

        We were late, but they were so accommodating.

        Chelsea, one of 28 teams!, did 6th! (actually 7th but an 1/2 of a whole exam wasn’t graded! and there were a few points from the team above)…PLUS! one of our ringers was sick and didn’t go, and one of our non-ringers didn’t even show up! eventually did and didn’t come to exams with anything!! he’s off the team…unless he can prove himself in the next 3 weeks (cuz I’m gonna be gone to Argentina for 2 weeks! hee hee)

        Took a few firsts, etc. I AM SO EXHAUSTED..this Head Coach thing is very hard, but it’s the first year and next year will be 50% easier.

        I bet you miss it!! all the kids are so great and fun and interesting.

        On to Hillsdale in 1.5 months! VIKTOR!

        Stay well…
        Mrs. Forsch
        (maybe you want to delete this after it’s read..forgot it’s public)

  3. Madison Cornwell says:

    hey greg, I loved looking at all your pictures! This is so cool, didn’t know you were such a good photographer!

    Love your cousin,


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