This Year’s Large-Impact Storm?

Last year we had ‘Snowpocalypse’ which did indeed impact most of the country’s midsection.

Tonight, storm components are forming over the Plain states for what will surly be a mess for not only us, but the whole Midwest.

Specifically here, the morning commute will be immensely effected. Shortly after midnight tonight (1-2am), precip will start and continue until noon tomorrow. Depending on any track shift, some wrap around precip may drag things into early afternoon.

Regarding what precip and where:

  • If you are above US-10, snow with a little ice will be the show (3-6 inches snow).
  • Us-10 to I-96, a little snow but more ice (1-3 snow, 1/4 inch ice).
  • South of I-96, sorry but once again you will be warm and dry relative to surrounding locations. What may start as snow/mix, will transition to an all rain event. Cool news, you may get some thunderstorms, which I am missing.

I got a bad gut feeling as the day went on, and that was if the dry slot would ruin a lot of the accumulations for our area. It will indeed make an impact the further south you go, but I think these amounts should hold well.

Next forecast will be whether or not to stay up looking for a cool thunderstorm to roll through, or get a good nights sleep for a Cloud Physics exam tomorrow. Almost banking on a half day of classes tomorrow due to ice, but there I am breaking my own #1 rule. Study it is!

Oh, and enjoy a fallstreak hole/hole-punch cloud I spotted this morning on the way to work. View a perfect example of this phenomenon and how it works, here.

Fallstreak Hole dead-center. May not look too defined, but watching it for a good 5 minutes made it evident. The slight cloudiness in the middle is characteristic as the droplets fall in a chain reaction.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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