Southeastern MI Tornadoes

What an unusual spring! First the heat, then the sporadic severe thunderstorms spawning tornadoes left and right.

Can’t say they weren’t expected though.

Each day of severe storms the SPC had a severe risk over the area. While the zone was not a medium or high risk area, headlines still mentioned the risk of an isolated tornado.

Very pleased to see the NWS in Detroit has a nicely typed up report ready to go so soon. Very informational, and has pictures! >>>Check it out<<<

Obviously the Dexter tornado hit close to home, since it touched down no more than 3 miles from home!

Dexter, MI tornado path containing up to EF3 damage.

It was a relief to hear mom pick up the phone when I called her after the warning went up.

“What’s the weather like mom!??!”

“Oh, it’s raining.”

I told her to take a peek east and see what was going on.

“Oh…..I think I’ll stay inside.”

She was still brave and took some nice photos of some scud or possibly the formation of the wall cloud. All depends on timing and if there was rotation with these clouds.

Possible wall cloud development or scud cloud looking east from N Territorial/Stofer.

My call came right around the tornado touched down near Territorial and Dexter-Townhall Rd. Thankfully it looks like the tornado missed a large chunk of the town. However, it did hit a residential area pretty hard. My thoughts go out to them to have a speedy recovery. Dexter and Chelsea are very similar, and if the citizens are the same, they have a good attitude and will rebuild to be stronger. It will just take time.

Footage from Hudson-Mills Metro Park. Nice bike trail.

What’s miraculous is the fact no one was seriously injured or killed. I strongly believe the 33 minute warning time helped this. It saved lives.

May have a follow up post in a month or so if I can track the path myself.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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