Been There, Done That.

I often cite Michigan weather as one of the things that prompted me to become interested at an early age. I was at first frightened of thunder, dark clouds, and even high winds. I didn’t know what caused tornadoes, but anyone of those was a first clue. As I conquered that fear, it turned into curiosity and eventually enjoyment of seeing what breeds what.

Well, Michigan weather loves to breed strange weather for sure.

For at least the second year in a row, we are receiving a frozen precipitation after a 80 degree day or days. This year seems a little more out of the blue since we shattered high records across the state just a week ago! Spring fluctuations are normal, again, it’s just the shock of seeing something cold after feeling like Florida for a week.

Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for some central Michigan counties where 1-3 inches could come down before everything is over with.

To inspire some interaction with the blog, I want to start sharing some photos from the community and friends! How can you do that? Either post it to my Facebook page, or shoot me an email at If you host the image on another site, a comment with the picture URL will suffice as well! I encourage you to document weather. Not only is a relaxing activity, it will also sharpen your sky forecasting skills!

Will probably save photo moments for ‘down-time’ when weather is calm and we need a reminder of the art our skies can produce.

When we had our warm spell, some isolated thunderstorms popped up across the state. I will remember these since it was the first storm chase I went on, but also the beauty of a growing storm from afar. Long time family friend Jenna McGrath captured this storm in the distance.

Cumulus congestus in the distance. Perhaps one of the many isolated storms from our early spring heat. Photo: Jenna McGrath

Earlier this week, had a cool cloud formation during the early morning hours in Mount Pleasant. Reminded me of a shelf cloud, but no thunder or rain came with it. Would place it in the arcus cloud department. Was cool to see a few of them lined up and rolling through. I took this photo on the way to work.

Arcus cloud, perhaps a weak shelf cloud, on the edge of a cloud layer moving in.



About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

2 Responses to Been There, Done That.

  1. Mrs. Forsch says:

    Very cool pix!!

    Saw Jenna!!!! at her work! so cute.

    I went out the other nite and covered the fruit trees…didn’t need to….uggg.

  2. Dad says:

    Great idea, I will try to organize some pictures when I travel.

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