Damaged Dexter, MI. (March 15, 2012 EF-3 Tornado)

This was my second real encounter with a tornado stricken environment. I count the first as the garage damage up in Coleman, MI. There is a different sense to it though. The Coleman garage was minutes after the event, while Dexter its been a month. It’s still there. A full scope report on all March 2012 tornadoes in Michigan can be found here by the National Weather Service.

Focus of this post will be on Dexter-Pinckney road. This is a main road that branches off N Territorial, that runs through Dexter’s main street. The tornadic cell first dropped a funnel just east of Dexter-Townhall Rd. It caused EF-1 damage up to the Horseshoe Bend community where some EF-2 damage was caused.

Line of vegetation to be disposed of near Horseshoe Bend. Check out the size of uprooted stumps on the hill.

The tornado then tracked roughly 2 miles right along Dexter-Pinckney Rd. This was our most used route into Dexter, the beautiful scenic drive it once was, is now littered with twigs and chopped up trees.

Comparing before/after. Obviously the seasons are different, and trees have not fully built up yet in the current shots. Tried to line up shots as best as I could.

Dexter-Pinckney before.

Dexter-Pinckney after.

Hudson-Mills Metropark Golf course is located just across the street. Entrance is up ahead.

Found the same sign, twisted and in a ditch. There should be more trees behind my bike.

Perhaps the most eye-opening shots were around this white house across the road from the golf course entrance. That is one BIG tree that had to come down.

Across from the golf course, this white house used to have plenty of trees around it.

Scene feels a lot more barren.

The evening of March 15, I sat down and just reviewed the whole thing. For one I wish I had been there to see a tornado that close to home. Thoughts shifted to if I knew anyone in Dexter that may have been in the way. My great Technology teacher, Duane Moss came to mind.  Mr. Moss was always checking on the next big snowstorm around the corner, and we would talk about it now and then. Him and I were the biggest weather nuts in the school. Would not doubt that he played a large role into my interests now. Needed to contact him.

I fired off an email that night, and got a response a few days later. His neighborhood took the brunt of the tornado. This was the area I had not investigated, more in town. Mr. Moss helped all through the following weekend clearing out rain gutters that had clogged with debris. While his house was spared, damage was still done. As clear in his photos, flooding was pretty significant. His first e-mail carried a warning we should all heed, while storm path can be estimated, it does not mean the tornado has the same plans. Photos below are by Duane Moss. Click to enlarge.

“Tornado’s are freak storms! Pay attention to the sirens, they may save your life!”


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

One Response to Damaged Dexter, MI. (March 15, 2012 EF-3 Tornado)

  1. Duane Moss says:

    Greg, Your weather blog is fantastic! Keep up the great work! I do hope you can rest up after exams. Take Care! Mr. Moss

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