Progressing through Spring

Finals week at Central Michigan, the busiest I’ve seen 7:30 am all semester.

My recent absence has been credited to studying, but we all need a break when equations, words, and sense that just doesn’t want to fit in your head anymore. Cleaned out two exams today, Cloud Physics, and Uni Physics 2. Yea,  it was a physical day. Recent learning in cloud physics had to do with cloud electrification (lightning), which was fascinating to reinforce and learn about. Another highlight was how squall lines are fueled by a rear inflow jet, and how storms will tilt given wind shear and a developing cold pool beneath the storm. To help learn, I drew a model of the process on our dorm room white board for the past week. Would say it paid off today.

Spring has been a ride so far. From the mid 80s in March, to almost constant  Freeze Warnings at night since. Daytime temps have run a good course. In the short term, I’m looking at the chance for some thunder come Wednesday.

What we get Wed/Wed night, will be left over convective cells from the Upper Midwest the same day. Perhaps by the time they reach us it will just be stratiform embedded thunderstorms, but Lake Michigan sometimes has a way with passing thunderstorms.

Another headline for the week will be the rising temperatures. As fronts shift, warm air will be brought in and a mid 80 reading for Thursday is not out of the question. Days surrounding will be in the 70s respectively. Lovely weather outdoors, just what I need to get some studying done!

A weak line of storms passed a few weeks ago and delivered some decent lightning. Moved some furniture around in the room and got some great shots! Just wish the window bar wasn’t there!

Sparkly streak connects in the distance.

Same spot?

Will have some more up on Flickr shortly. For any camera buffs out there: Shooting 6″ exposures, f/5.6, ISO-100. Used the kit 18-55mm lens on my T2i. Some adjustments were made in Lightroom, mainly for cropping.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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