Quiet May

May has been quiet in the mitten. This comes as a partial relief after kicking off spring with a few early tornadoes in March! Have been paying more attention to the busy astronomy schedule (eclipse, planet formations in night sky, star trails, transit of Venus if you’re REALLY lucky) than weather!

Some evenings have ended so peacefully, there were not clouds in the sky to make a gorgeous sunset. But this is all a matter of perspective. I love sunsets with a palette of colors, induced by multilayered cloudscapes. Other may find a crystal clear set perfectly fine, and this usually adds some wonderful light to shoot photos in the garden or anywhere outside.

A few unbeatable Michigan sunsets recently:


Panorama of a dynamic sunset.

Air or Ground?

While you look at sunsets with a wide eye, unique features lie inside. I zoomed way in to get an interesting view. Are you looking down from the sky, or are you on the ground? If you’re stumped…I don’t have a private jet or helicopter.

Convective weather has not been in the headlines recently (which is a good thing!). Most action has been confined, and relatively normal. This is a welcome sight again, after such a vicious start to the season.

After all this calmness and a slight shower here or there, we will get a shot at some thunderstorms this weekend. Saturday and Sunday, isolated showers and storms will be about. Not expecting consistent rain, unless you do get stuck under a storm. Early week we will deal with a system moving through that could produce heavier precip.

Memorial Day weekend otherwise looks warm on Sunday and Monday. The Indy 500 will be in the mid 90s again. Last year was a scorcher, we were lucky enough to have seats in the shade! High temps usually makes the track slick for the drivers. Should be an interesting one to watch! Temps will be a little cooler here. We may top out with 90 on Sunday and Monday. Any humidity will add to a heat index and it may feel like the mid 90s out there. Be sure to prepare yourself if outside of long periods. Monday will give us the greatest chance for stronger storms in Michigan. Individual cells will develop before forming a line with a passing cold front in the early evening.

Subtropical development off the east coast will loop towards Florida & the south before U-turning and heading out to the Atlantic again. Would expect some decent rains along the coast and inland as the storm performs its pirouette.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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