S’all Fun and Games…Until the Power Goes Out

You tend to laugh at things when you’re so high above they pose no threat. I try not to, but we all do it.

Last week’s heat became real, when a strong complex of storms dropped power to the house and plenty of other people (close to 170,000). Some lost it Tuesday evening with storms, others in my case were in the dark early Thursday morning when a specifically strong storm with 60mph+ winds romped through from Central to SE Michigan.

It was the 1am ‘glance at radar before bed’ that made me churn out a few more hours of consciousness. Originally, I just wanted the storm to move in camera range to catch some distant lightning. As the camera shot a time-lapse, I noted the storm strengthening well and decided to ride it out and watch. I hoped it would scrape just north so we would miss a deluge of rain, but that went down the pipes as outflow caused development on the side of the storm and it eventually hit. This meant I needed to stop the camera since weather proofing only goes so far, and mine isn’t even considered weather proof. Did get these before it opened up:

And while it opened up:

Power flickered, and went out. At the time the worst thing on my mind was the weather station not reporting data to the masses! Because everyone does that, right? Since power was gone for a day and a half, I had to wait to see the differences and backlog to wunderground when I got the chance. Here is a snapshot from the software with assorted variables checked off. It’s a little busy, will need to find a good balance down the road.

Line chart showing the first power outage storm at 4:30am on July 5th, and a second round at 2:30pm. I goofed up this one, forgot to put in temperature measurement.

With the hot temperatures, we were sure to break some records right? Yup, we did, since right around 1936. The NWS Grand Rapids office has a pretty good wrap up of the event if you want to check it out.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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