The Rain

Sorry for a brief break! Early August has been busy moving back to school and finishing some summer classes. During that time, we got rain! Lots of it. Lets take a look.

Our primary rain-maker for the August 9-11 time frame was thanks to an upper level low pressure system that corkscrewed its way across the state. Upper lows are sometimes more prominent on satellite because they almost look like land hurricanes with how slow they move. The low not only brought rain, but also cooler temperatures.

On a day after the high came close to hitting 90, it topped out at 68 at 1am. These effects started on August 9th, and continued through Saturday with temps finally getting past 70 on Sunday.

Last week was a stark contrast of the summer thus far for both precipitation and temperature.

It was a cool change of pace. Suddenly it felt like fall. Hearing wind blow through the trees with rain in the background really set the mood.

The most rain fell up in the Saginaw Valley, here is a radar estimate of rain fallen. Match the color up with the bar on the side to get a estimate of what fell in your area. Official measurements can be found here.

A lot of the higher amounts of rain occurred in the deformation zone. Sound familiar? Yea, deformation snows! This area usually shows up on the north side of the low pressure system as large amounts of moisture meet another air mass and precipitate. Here is a screenshot of the pressure system combing across Michigan.


In other Michigan weather news, Saturday there were some great waterspouts spotted over Lake Michigan!

For the upcoming week, we start wet yet again. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be about through Monday night. Temperatures will be generally cool through early week before midweek heats up and we finish in the lower 80s.

Also, if anyone has ever wanted to visit a weather office and see what goes on, you should consider this Open House at the NWS Detroit/Pontiac office on August 29th. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the site a few time on a job shadow and with my Student Chapter of the AMS club at CMU. It’s really cool to see all the technology used to watch and forecast weather for the future. It’s great to watch a weather balloon launch and see the surrounding area from roughly the highest point in the county(sunsets are awesome too).



About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

One Response to The Rain

  1. Dad says:

    Nice job. Thank you for all the information Greg.Those waterspouts surprised me located in Lake Michigan. I thought those happened in tropic locations. Please keep up the great work!
    Standing by, DAD

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