Isaac’s Impacts and Remnants

Isaac was upgraded to a category 1 hurricane Tuesday afternoon and made landfall Tuesday night. During this phase, the storm movement slowed down, and close to 10 inches of rain have fallen in some SE portions of Louisiana. Isaac was downgraded to a tropical storm this afternoon. In a recent storm discussion, storm surge of 6 to 8 feet was still being reported by the National Ocean Service. Sparse tornado warnings have popped up, two locations in coastal Mississippi reported possible tornado related damage. Max sustained winds are now around 70mph.

Isaac makes landfall with eye developments.

While Isaac wallops the coast, one of my meteorology professors brought up a good point the other day.

One of the big weather topics this year has been the crippling drought in the nation’s midsection. Many areas affected by this drought are in the path of Isaac. As Isaac takes a path northwest, it will drop some much-needed rains across these areas.

Matching the drought locations up with the expected track of Isaac’s remnants, we see many spots on the eastern edge of the Extreme and Exceptional drought region to be relieved some.

Rain amount in inches.

Forecast models are starting to hone in on a track of remnants to travel through the northern Ohio Valley. While models have a better grip on the storm path since it’s arrival on shore, would like to wait until we also see what the continental ridge is going to do in its steering effects. This ridge is responsible for our warmer temperatures at the end of the week, perhaps topping 90.

The current Synoptic Meteorology course I am taking will be very beneficial to my understanding of making a good forecast, and putting all of the many factors of the atmosphere together. I am excited to learn about it, and reflect it on the blog. I would like to include more cause/effect demonstrations of telling why a storm system ended up at X rather than Y. That is, if I have enough energy to do so after said class load.


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2 Responses to Isaac’s Impacts and Remnants

  1. Peyrefitte Jr, Ashton G says:

    Hi Super Weather Blogger,

    Good graphics!

    The upgraded pumping stations in New Orleans are holding up very well—there has been 20” of rain so far with little flooding. I’ve been sending forecasts to family in New Orleans by email and phone. I think they’re doing well, although they may not have power—UGH—the dew-point is 75°!


  2. Christine Forsch says:

    would love to see those explanations….always wonder how y’all do it (and what the terminology means).

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