Autumn in Character

A slow-moving trough brought us a dose of cold air that screams fall. With the cold air filtering in and over the warm lakes, scattered rain showers will continue to be around this weekend. By Monday the trough exits and it seems a ridge will take its place as warm air advection (warm air entering a cool air mass) brings our temps closer to normal.

I wrote ‘seem’ because some models are showing another loop of cool air threatening on Tuesday and Wednesday. In either case, temps will struggle to reach 70 through mid-week. Time to bring out those sweatshirts in force.

This week began cool. Frost Advisories were out for a good chunk of central Michigan Wednesday morning as clear skies and a cool air mass pushed in behind a cold front. Checking the Mount Pleasant airport (KMOP), temps bottomed out at 33F in early morning. I find this time of the year to provide the most dynamic skies. This is likely because of the massive temperature swings that occur in the atmosphere as new air masses interact with the one in place.

Often some spectacular multi-layered cloudscapes are out and about. While I have yet to capture one on camera this season, nice sunsets have been plentiful. The other day a thick shelf of altocumulus passed Mount Pleasant just before sunset. It left before the sun hit it, but my dad caught this moment as he was further east in the state.

Shot by my dad on the way home in southeast Michigan.


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Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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  1. Peyrefitte Jr, Ashton G says:

    The real question is who was the MVP of the kickball game, Mr. Rossio or Mr. Cornwell?

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