May 28 Southeastern Michigan Tornadoes

A warm front passing through the region triggered some morning/early afternoon thunderstorms across lower Michigan on Tuesday. These storms quickly organized into some linear squall lines with mainly heavy rain, wind, and frequent lightning. Heading into the early evening hours, more discrete storms emerged and tracked eastward. Like flicking a light switch, as soon as these storms crossed an invisible line just east of US-127, the storms started to exhibit rotation on radar and weather spotters on the ground confirmed these cases. I’d like to look into this case further as what triggered these storms to rotate all of a sudden, as it was visible in at least 2 of these storms.

Submitted to NWS.

National Weather Service survey crews from Detroit/Pontiac had their work cut out for them early Wednesday as they investigated damage across Shiawassee and Genesee counties.

Tornado findings by NWS DTX.

More information found by the survey crews can be found here, as well as map/track overlays with EF scale rating.

Interestingly enough, no watches were issued for SE Michigan Tuesday. The only Michigan inclusive watch was a Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued in the extreme SW corner for a developing squall line with severe rated winds coming out of the Chicago area. Watches are issued by the Storm Prediction Center out of Norman, OK. Warnings are the most important for public safety, but dangerous weather lead time provided by watches is always good to have.

I typically update my Facebook page frequently, as well as twitter, however the best ways to keep updated about storms in your area is to check out local news stations and NOAA Weather Radio. If you are not in any immediate danger, looking up the hashtag #miwx on twitter will also prove fruitful for Michigan weather sightings and damage. This can be adjusted by state by just changing the two letter abbreviation. County police/fire scanners are also a great option, these are usually available online.


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