Summer Set-up

I’m a winter storm type of person. I sure love a good thunderstorm, but summer forecasting just isn’t as interesting to me. At least for the sake of this blog, posts will be focused mainly on weather events and not forecasting.

Took a walk around campus last night. Goal was to portray an empty place that should be filled. Taking a summer course up here, the population is definitely different compared to Fall and Spring semesters. Will try to fulfill this ‘portfolio’ or ‘challenge’ through the 6 weeks I am up here.

Anyway, I went around and took some pictures. Wandering back to base camp, I saw the sky lighting up, this was about 9pm. So the sun was setting! Ran up to the top floor of my dorm and tried to snag some pictures of it. However, lights in the stairwell were not cooperating casting a HUGE glare on the window.

Get lost glare!

Adjusted my view, and used my hand to cover any glare that was reflecting off the window, and did manage to get some clear shots.

No matter the camera quality, pictures never do justice to the real view.

Love the deep blue transition to a purple and yellow.

It was strange seeing some people walk by behind me and not even take notice of the sky. I guess not everyone has the same interests (and that’s ok!) but its hard to miss something so beautiful to end the day.

Plan on switching to Summer tags this weekend.


About gweatherc
Live in Michigan and enjoy observing the weather. Want to pursue it as a career! Currently taking classes at Central Michigan University.

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